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1240 Mulholland Street
Nauvoo, IL, 62354
United States

(800) 860-1215

Shop for beehive jewelry, beehive art and home decor and other handmade vintage bee goods for your little hive.  We think you'll really love the items we've found.

Gold Daisy Bee Stud Earrings

Beehive Jewelry Collection

Shop for beehive jewelry and other handmade beehive art vintage bee goods. Find a selection of Bee themed decor wall hangings.

Gold Daisy Bee Stud Earrings

gold bee earring beehive.png
gold bee earring beehive.png

Gold Daisy Bee Stud Earrings

2.00 8.95

These adorable little gold bee earrings are just that... adorable!


Nickel-free (allergy free) and gold plated

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